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Men's shirt into dress diy


 Men's shirts are favourite material to refeshion , today I will show you how to sew lovely and easy dress from XXL shirt .

 My inspirations for this skirt 


As my ''before before'' I used plain white man's shirt in XXL size . I dyed it first , in link below you can see the method I used , it was simple dyeing without cooking , one of my favourite way of dyeing clothes and materials.


Men's shirt Before
after dyeing 

  as first thing look at  the photo I put  upper , you can see there which parts of the shirt you'll be able to use to sew top, straps and skirt 


Here are 2 links to my previous tutorials about  making pattern  and sewing bustier or simple top


when the top is ready we cut the down part of the skirt and pin it to the bustier

 sew them together


pin the straps and underlining next sew it  
it's shown very easy in this tutorial


 Ready dress on me !

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